Welcome to Habitat for Humanity in Minot, ND

We are a non-profit Christian housing ministry based in Minot, ND. We partner with individual volunteers, churches, businesses, and other community groups to to offer a hand up - not a handout - to low income families living in substandard housing conditions.

Our Partner Families work alongside Habitat volunteers to construct new homes for themselves and for others. This promotes individual dignity and a sense of partnership with the community, with benefits last far beyond today or next year.

Children of Habitat for Humanity home owners are more likely to get better grades in school, graduate from high school and to view education as a means of upward mobility.

This ripple effect from improving one family's housing situation can spread through neighborhoods and create a brighter future for entire communities.

The Benefits Last For Years
Habitat for Humanity Northern Lights is a nonprofit North Dakota corporation and we are designated a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization by the IRS. This means your donation to Habitat for Humanity is tax deductible.

Visit the links at the top of this page to learn more about how our program works and how your can support our work in the Minot community.